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44th Dr Pier in Long Island City – USA

International Volvo Photo Locations Part 276 44th Dr is a street in Long Island City, Queens NY that runs between the East River and Jackson Av and Thompson Av. Today, there are plans to create here a new pier with a ferry line between Long Island City and Manhattan. Previous, there also has been a […]

Kungsportsavenyen in Göteborg

Volvo Photo Locations Part 107 Avenyn or formally known as Kungsportsavenyen, is the main boulevard of Göteborg, Sweden. Designed in the mid 19th century as the first middle-class residential district outside the bastions of the fortified heart of the city, the design of Avenyn was inspired by established formal European streets like the Champs-Élysées in […]

Anna Queens Stræde in Helsingør – DK

International Volvo Photo Locations Part 217 Anna Queens Stræde in Helsingør is one of the oldest streets in Helsingör, Denmark. Above the door of the house a texts is shown: Norske Løve. This fine little cobbled street is one of the oldest and has been here since the 1600s. At that time was called “Moellestraede […]

Östra Hamngatan in Göteborg

Volvo Photo Locations Part 222 Östra Hamngatan is around 330 meters long street in Nordstaden and Inom Vallgraven i Göteborg. Stretching from Lilla Bommen at the Göta älv (Göta river) t0 Kungsportsplatsen, and is part of the great restaurants and shopping districts located in central Göteborg. During the 1600s and 1700s was the area around […]

Jan Wilsgaard speaks…

Volvo Cars Press Release from September 2, 1985 at the launch of the 760 and 740 Station Wagons. JAN WILSGAARD, DESIGNER The man who turned the van into a station wagon. – Follow the laws of nature and don’t complicate matters! Functional and sensible designs are often the best looking. If that sounds easy, then […]

La Cienega Blvd in LA – USA

International Volvo Photo Locations Part 197 La Cienega Boulevard is a major north–south arterial road that runs between El Segundo Boulevard in Hawthorne, California on the south and the Sunset Strip/Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. From south of Fairview and from north of Rodeo Road (not Drive), La Cienega Boulevard is a regular surface street […]

Pont de l’Alma in Paris – F

International Volvo Photo Locations Part 172 Pont de l’Alma (Alma Bridge in English) is an arch bridge in Paris across the Seine. It was named to commemorate the Battle of Alma during the Crimean War, in which the Franco-British alliance achieved victory over the Russian army on 20 September 1854. Construction took place between 1854 […]

Slotskroen in Hillerød – DK

International Volvo Photo Locations Part 168 Slotskroen on Slotsgade 67 in Hillerød, Danmark is a historic restaurant which was taken over by Jensen’s Bøfhus in 2011, changing its exterior a lot. The new outside of the historic building has been discussed a lot within Hillerød community. Frederiksborg Group has acquired and developed Slotskroen in Hillerod […]

Doktor Fries torg in Göteborg

Volvo Photo Locations Part 182 Dr. Fries torg, is a so-called parallel building blocks Södra Guldheden, Göteborg, which was built in 1951-58 for the City’s housing companies and was completed in spring 1953. Total built 265 apartments until 1958, under the name “Guldhedscentrum”. The two retail row houses with two residential floors above parallel to […]

Bollhusgränd in Stockholm (2)

Volvo Photo Locations Part 181 Bollhusgränd (Swedish: “Ball House Alley”) is an alley in Gamla stan, the old town in central Stockholm, Sweden. Named after Bollhuset, a historical theatre, it connects Slottsbacken to Köpmantorget, and as Baggensgatan extends the alley further south beyond Köpmangatan, together they form a parallel street to Österlånggatan and Själagårdsgatan. The […]