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Andsjön near Undersåker and Åre

Volvo Photo Locations Part 269 Andsjön is a lake in Åre kommun in Jämtland and is part of Indalsälvens main basin. The lake has an area of 0,956 square kilometers and is located 512.2 meters above sea level. The lake is a popular place during winter time for ice drives. Volvo used to invited regularly […]

Archäopark Vogelherd in Niederstotzingen – D

International Volvo Photo Locations Part 210 The Archäopark Vogelherd can be found at Am Vogelherd 1 in Niederstotzingen – Stetten in Germany. It is located between Stuttgart and Mûnchen. Youll get there by car, take Autobahn A 7, Ulm-Würzburg, Exit Niederstotzingen or by local trains from Ulm Main Station, direction Heidenheim and get off at […]

Ölmanäs ringväg in Åsa

Volvo Photo Locations Part 219 Ölmanäs ringväg is a road near Gårda Brygga in Åsa, Kungsbacka Kommun, Sweden. The road connects the north-south Varbergsvägen with the sea at Gårda Brygga, a populair bathing and sailing spot south of Göteborg. Åsa is a locality situated in Kungsbacka Municipality, Halland County, Sweden, with 3,369 inhabitants in 2010. […]

Sven-Harry’s in Stockholm

Volvo Photo Locations Part 218 Sven-Harry’s konstmuseum is located between the Vasaparken and Eastmansvägen in Vasastan, Stockholm. The six-storied building is already a sight worth seeing. You are unlikely to have seen anything similar. It is easy to find. The building attracts the gaze, in spite of it being bordered with luxuriant trees. Anna Höglund […]

Klövervägen on Lidingö

Volvo Photo Locations Part 217 The building in the photo is located on Klövervägen on Lidingö, outside Stockholm. The house has received the (nick) name Villa Tetris. The newly built private villa in the inner Stockholm archipelago is far from what one expects. The architects have toyed with building standards and created a new modern […]

Gårda Brygga Hamn in Åsa

Volvo Photo Locations Part 216 Ölmanäs Segelsällskap is located at Gårda Brygga Hamn on Hamnvägen in Åsa, Halland, Sweden Ölmanäs SS is a sailing club that is based in The Tribune in Garda jetty, Åsa in Kungsbacka Municipality. The club conducts sailing activities throughout the summer with instructors and coaches. The Club organizes an annual […]

Store Strandstræde in Copenhagen – DK

International Volvo Photo Locations Part 204 Store Strandstræde is a street in Copenhagen, Denmark. It extends diagonally from Kongens Nytorv, at the corner of Nyhavn and Bredgade, to Sankt Annæ Plads. Architect Oscar Gundlach-Petersen (1886-1960) is the man behind this house on number 11 and the street’s most modern house, dating from 1935. This funkis […]

Söder Mälarstrand in Stockholm

Volvo Photo Locations Part 211 Söder mälarstrand is a coastal street with berth on Södermalm in Stockholm. It stretches along the Riddarfjärden from Pålsundet in the west to Centralbron in the east and is about 2,200 meters long. Along the street there are some interesting sites like Heleneborg, industrial building Münchenbryggeriet and office building Mariahissen. […]

Barnhusbron in Stockholm

Volvo Photo Locations Part 210 Barnhusbron (Swedish: “The Orphanage Bridge”) is a bridge in central Stockholm, Sweden. Passing over Barnhusviken, it connects Kungsholmen to Norrmalm. It is 23 metres wide and 290 metres long with a maximum span of 64.5 metres. The roadway is made of prestressed concrete except for two non-tensioned concrete section in […]

Parkaden in Stockholm

Volvo Photo Locations Part 209 Parkaden is a parking garage for 800 cars, located at Regeringsgatan and Mäster Samuelsgatan in central Stockholm. Parkaden was built between 1963-1965. The property and the building is owned by the property company Hufvudstaden. Parkaden is our parking garage above ground with NK as its closest neighbour and close to […]