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Sansome St in San Francisco – USA

International Volvo Photo Locations Part 310 Sansome street is a street in the financial center of San Francisco in California, USA. At the begining of Sansome Street, there is the famous One Sansome Street building, also known as Citigroup Center. It is an office skyscraper located at the intersection of Sutter and Sansome Streets in […]

D559 near Sainte-Maxime – F

International Volvo Photo Locations Part 309 Road D559 is a coastal road east Sainte-Maxime in the South of France. Sainte-Maxime is a commune and city in the Var department in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. I.e. on the French Riviera (Côte d’Azur) in southeastern France 90 km west from Nice and 130 km east from Marseille. […]

California St in San Francisco – USA (3)

International Volvo Photo Locations Part 308 California Street is a major thoroughfare in San Francisco, California. Fifty-four blocks of California Street, from Van Ness Avenue westward to 32nd Avenue, comprised the last major leg of the final 1928 alignment of the Lincoln Highway, the first road across America, leading out to the highway’s western terminus […]

Katz at Frederiksholms Kanal in København – DK

International Volvo Photo Locations Part 307 Katz at Frederiksholms Kanal in København is a restaurant and bar that serves classic favorites and Mediterranean cuisine from the traditional Danish cuisine. Frederiksholms Kanal is a canal in central Copenhagen, Denmark, which runs along the south-west side of Slotsholmen, together with Slotholmens Kanal separating the island from Zealand. […]

Langøre-dæmningen Helnæs Byvej in Ebberup – DK

International Volvo Photo Locations Part 306 Langøre-dæmningen or Helnæs Byvej as the road is named, connects the peninsula Helnæs with the island Fyn in Ebberup, Denmark. Helnæs is an island on the southwestern coast of Funen, Denmark, southwest of Haarby and northwest of Faaborg. It belongs administratively to Assens Municipality and is connected to the […]

Beach in Løkken – DK

International Volvo Photo Locations Part 294 The beach in Løkken is one of the rare beaches in Europe where it is possible and legitimate to drive on the beach with your car. This beach is very unique with its relics from the 2nd World War. Many bunkers have appeared as the ocean has removed some […]

Lilla Bergsgatan in Göteborg

Volvo Photo Locations Part 276 Lilla Bergsgatan is a street in Goteborg between Linnéstaden and Haga. The street is running behind the Göteborgs Universitet Handelshögskolan on Vasagatan. The street runs from Västergatan to Sprängkullsgatan in Annedal. Oscar Properties from Stockholm has recently bought the complex on Lilla Bergsgatan 1 in Annedal. Plans are made to […]

Almedalsbiblioteket on Donnersgatan in Visby on Gotland

Volvo Photo Locations Part 275 Almedalsbiblioteket is located on Donnersgatan at Almedalsparken in Visby on Gotland, Sweden. Almedalsbiblioteket is a public and university library managed by both the Region Gotland and Uppsala universitetsbibliotek. Business is placed from the beginning in 2001 located in the special library located in downtown Visby. The library has a large […]

Eklandagatan near Gibraltargatan in Göteborg

Volvo Photo Locations Part 274 Eklandagatan in Göteborg, is a 1400 meter long street, that received it’s current name in 1923. It is characterized by a long hill, extending from Södra Vägen in the district of Lorensberg up to Wallenbergsgatan in the district of Johanneberg. Earlier, the street Eklandavägen (1921-23) was called after Eklanda by, […]

Kungsbacka Stadshus on Gertrudsgatan in Kungsbacka

Volvo Photo Locations Part 273 Kungsbacka Stadshus is located on Gertrudsgatan in Kungsbacka, south of Göteborg. The building was built in the years 1934 and 1935. It is built on a hillside. Carrying walls and tiles are made of concrete. Outer walls are insulated with gas concrete. The slightly sloping roof of the courtyard is […]