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Volvo Ocean Race in Göteborg

Mike Sanderson from Team ABN AMRO I was very happy to be in Göteborg when the Volvo Ocan Race finished. The boat of Team ABN AMRO won this 2005-2006 edition! We won!!

New job!

After more then 6 years working for a Brunel ICT , today is my first day at my new employer ABN AMRO. Will continue to do the some job for a while, only with a bit more responsibilities. Best thing is that now I work officially only 36 hours aweek instead of 40. This means, 4 […]

BOOM Chicago

Great evening, the last ‘funnight’ with the Brunel ICT gang. Was fun, we went to the BOOM Chicago  show at the Leidsepleintheater. Good to be again in an international surrounding. I miss that actually right now. Meeting people from elsewhere. Had some nice chat with former colleaques in the ICT business. Funny how some people […]

Vacation confirmed!

Yippie… Got today confirmation that my flightticket has been booked… Will fly on september 11, 2001 to Costa Rica … Oeff… Handed over my “i quit my job” papers at my work . Get Ready… The latest New Order CD, released only monday in Europe and Australia (october for the US), got it today from […]