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Villa Bonnier on Nobelgatan in Stockholm

Volvo Photo Locations Part 307 Villa Bonnier is located on Nobelgatan 13 in Diplomatstaden, Stockholm. The Volvo PV52 shown here with the daughter of manager Östergren of the Mjölkcentralen in Stockholm. This dark blue PV52 was the 25.000th Volvo car produced, delivered on June 30 1937. Villa Bonnier was designed by architect Ragnar Östberg, and […]

Malmskillnadsgatan in Stockholm

Volvo Photo Locations Part 292 Malmskillnadsgatan (Swedish: “The Ridge Dividing Street”) is a 650-metre long street in central Stockholm, Sweden. It stretches northward from the Brunkebergstorg square over Hamngatan; crosses Mäster Samuelsgatan and Oxtorgsgatan; passes over the bridge Malmskillnadsbron passing over Kungsgatan; crosses Brunnsgatan and David Bagares gata; and finally ends at Johannes plan near […]

Norrbro in Stockholm

Volvo Photo Locations Part 290 Norrbro (Swedish: “North Bridge”) is an arch bridge over Norrström in central Stockholm. It extends north from the northern front of the Royal Palace passing over Helgeandsholmen in front of the Riksdag building, and from there over to Gustav Adolfs torg. Norrbro was designed by the city architect Erik Palmstedt […]

Pryssgränd in Stockholm

Volvo Photo Locations Part 286 Pryssgränd is a street on Södermalm in Stockholm. The street is located on Mariaberg between Bellmansgatan in the west and Pustegränd in the east and runs parallel to Söder Mälarstrand. Pryssgränd has got its name from two mills, Stora and Lilla Pryssan, which lay high on the mountain. The mills […]

Klarabergsgatan at Sergels torg in Stockholm

Volvo Photo Locations Part 279 Klarabergsgatan is a street in central Stockholm that runs from Klarabergsviadukten in the west to Sergels torg in the east. Sergels torg (“Sergel’s Square”) is the most central public square in Stockholm, Sweden, named after 18th-century sculptor Johan Tobias Sergel, whose workshop was once located north of the square. Sergels […]

Bridge of Regeringsgatan over Kungsgatan in Stockholm

Volvo Photo Locations Part 264 The Bridge of Regeringsgatan (Swedish: Regeringsgatans bro) or more correctly Bridge of Regeringsgatan over Kungsgatan (Regeringsgatans viadukt över Kungsgatan) is a bridge in central Stockholm, Sweden, taking the street Regeringsgatan (“The Government Street”) over Kungsgatan (“The King’s Street”). It was inaugurated in 1910. The bridge is a combined arch and […]

Blecktornsgränd in Stockholm

Volvo Photo Locations Part 247 Blecktornsgränd is a street on Södermalm in Stockholm. Blecktornsgränd runs from Mariaberget in the north towards Mariatorget in the south, crossing streets like Bastugatan, Tavastgatan (in this photo), Brännkyrkagatan and Hornsgatan. Street name is known since the 1600s as Bläcktorns gränden which could be translate as “Ink tractor alley”. Between […]

Gustav III:s paviljong in Solna

Volvo Photo Locations Part 234 Gustav III’s Pavilion is a royal pavilion at the Haga Park, 2 km north of Stockholm. As a highlight in Swedish art history, the Pavilion is a fine example of the European neoclassicism of the late 18th century in Northern Europe. Beside the Pavilion lie the “Sultan’s Copper Tents”, buildings […]

Styrmansgatan in Stockholm

Volvo Photo Locations Part 224 The location of this photo with Zlatan Ibrahimović is Styrmansgatan near Storgatan on Östermalm in Stockholm. Zlatan owns a house in this area of Stockholm. In the background the known pharmacy ‘Apotek Storken’ is shown. Styrmansgatan Östermalm, Stockholm, runs between Strandvägen and Karlaplan. It received its name in early 1640 […]

Stora Bryggeriet in Stockholm

Volvo Photo Locations Part 220 Stora Bryggeriet is an industrial building on Lars Forssells gata near Lindhagensgatan on Kungsholmen western beach at Ulvsundasjön in central Stockholm in Hornsberg. Stora Bryggeriet was originally built as a brewery and contained after brewing time many different activities, including Kabi Vitrum and Pharmacia. Nowadays, the pharmaceutical group Octapharma has […]