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A Winterday in Vaxholm

Historic Vaxholm photography

Ytterby Gruvan on Resarö

On our beautiful Resarö island, there has been a famous historic mine, unkown to many. In this Ytterby mine, located on Resarö in Vaxholm Kommun, outside Stockholm nine elements were discovered here for the first time in history: Yttrium (named after Ytterby) Ytterbium (named after Ytterby) Terbium (named after Ytterby) Erbium (named after Ytterby) Holmium […]

Afterwork on Väddö

After our first day at work, after the summer vacation, we decided to enjoy the journey home from Stockholm to Vaxholm. So, we had a little afterwork party at the Väddö boat from Strömkajen (Stockholm) to Ytterby brygga in Vaxholm.

Midsommar 2012 on Resarö

Skärgårdsbåtens Dag 2012

Today was Skärgårdsbåtens Dag. Skärgårdsbåtens Dag is a festival in the Stockholm archipelago, held on the first or second Wednesday in June of the Skärgårdens Trafikantförening since 1964. The fleet departs from Strömkajen in front of the Grand Hotel in Stockholm. Archipelago boats, both steamships, motor ships, other ships and boats operating in the column […]

Hillary Clinton in Vaxholm #2

The visit of Hillary Clinton to Sweden yesterday week was a historic event. It was only the second time that a US Secretary of State visited Sweden. Last time that a US Foreign Affairs Minister visited SWeden was in 1976 when Henry Kissinger stayed for one day. Hillary Rodam Clinton and Swedish Foreign Minister Carl […]

Hillary Clinton visits Vaxholm

Today visited US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton our beautiful Vaxholm! Clinton had a meeting with Carl Bildt and Defense Minister Karin Engström (from Vaxholm) for talks on a boat trip from Stockholm to Vaxholm and back, through Stockholm’s Skärgården. Later she will be meeting Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and Crown Princess Vistoria for […]

Oscar Fredriksborg at Rindö

Today we visited the Oscar Fredriksborg at Rindö, since it took part in the Hemliga Rum (Secret rooms) event, organized by SFV – Statens fastighetsverk. About 15 buildings and sites all around Sweden had opened their doors, sometimes for the first (and only) time. The former militairy site Oscars Freddriksborg at Rindö (in Vaxholm) had […]

Valborg on Resarö, Vaxholm

Valborgsmässoafton / Walpurgis Night In Sweden, Walpurgis Night (Swedish: Valborgsmässoafton or simply Valborg) has more or less become a de facto half holiday. The forms of celebration in Sweden vary in different parts of the country and between different cities. One of the main traditions in Sweden is to light large bonfires, a custom that […]