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Ytterby Gruvan on Resarö

On our beautiful Resarö island, there has been a famous historic mine, unkown to many. In this Ytterby mine, located on Resarö in Vaxholm Kommun, outside Stockholm nine elements were discovered here for the first time in history: Yttrium (named after Ytterby) Ytterbium (named after Ytterby) Terbium (named after Ytterby) Erbium (named after Ytterby) Holmium […]

Midsommar 2012 on Resarö

Valborg on Resarö, Vaxholm

Valborgsmässoafton / Walpurgis Night In Sweden, Walpurgis Night (Swedish: Valborgsmässoafton or simply Valborg) has more or less become a de facto half holiday. The forms of celebration in Sweden vary in different parts of the country and between different cities. One of the main traditions in Sweden is to light large bonfires, a custom that […]

diner at home

Southpark @ Resarö


Preparing for Midsommar, with Christmas, the most important day of the year!

Quality time

Enjoying the ‘after work’ in our garden… :-)

New garden set

We have been looking around for a new set sinch last summer, but after trying out many sets, none was comfortable to buy. But last week, Malin did find the set we finally bought: Läckert möbelset i konstrotting för verandan eller gräsmattan. Bordsskiva av trä snyggt inflätad i rottingen. Bord, stolar har fötter i plast. […]


Painted today the fence around our garden. It must have been some time that is was painted, since almost all the paint was gone. We used the original paint color that was selected when our house was built in 1975, Resaröröd or Resarö Red. This color has the following code: YO=114.00 RO=220.00 S=48.00. The difference […]

Skärgården boat tour

First time out on the water today, picked up at Resarö by friends with their boat. More pictures in my Picasa album.