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Red Eye Tree Frog

quaak The LaPaz Waterfall Gardens is host to many species of Costa Rican wildlife, including the redeye tree frog as seen in this June 2001 photo. (AP Photo/Rick Sammon) [ more pics from costa rica and panama ]

Costa Rica & Panama pictures

Bombing has started in Afghanistan this evening. It was clear it would start one of these day’s. I hope that the allied goal will be achieved quickly without too many lives lost. Afraid for the reactions that will come coming day’s in our daily life. Will there be bombattacks in town? What to expect? Of […]

Arrival in San Jose

Arrived safely in San Jose last night. Flight to Costa Rica was very tough. We were planning a stop in Miami, but during our flight we got the news that all airports in the USA were closed. So we went down in the Bermuda’s. Beautiful island, but not when you’re stuck in a hot plane […]


Manana… Tomorrow i’ll leave for holiday to Costa Rica and Panama. Will make a little tour around these countries. I’ll miss Xanga for sure… will trie to make some postings when I find any webcafe overthere. Should be possible I hope… Check out these links I’ve been using the last few weeks to get information […]

Vacation confirmed!

Yippie… Got today confirmation that my flightticket has been booked… Will fly on september 11, 2001 to Costa Rica … Oeff… Handed over my “i quit my job” papers at my work . Get Ready… The latest New Order CD, released only monday in Europe and Australia (october for the US), got it today from […]