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Via Ag da Montefeltro Turin – I

International Volvo Photo Locations Part 138 Via Agostino da Montefeltro is a street in Turin in Italy. It was also the place where the Volvo P1800 was born. Here was the famous design study of Frua located, where Pelle Petterson ‘worked’ and make the sketches of the Volvo P1800. Here was also the first prototype […]

Skårsgatan in Göteborg

Volvo Photo Locations Part 90 Skårsgatan is a street in the city district Örgryte in Göteborg, on the east side of the E6 motorway. In 1922 the kommun Örgrytte merged with the city Göteborg. The area is characterized by many luxurious villas. In this street on number 70, the villa pictured above, lived Helmer Pettersson, […]