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Sunset at Resarö

Sunset in Amsterdam

göteborg (se)

sky over göteborg on december 25, 2005

Sky on Dutch beach

Beautiful sky on the beach at Ijmuiden in The Netherlands

Sky in Amsterdam

Pictures of the sky in Amsterdam from my home in Amsterdam

Sky from my window

a dutch evening sky in 5 pictures 09-04-2003 / 19:37 09-04-2003 / 19:49 09-04-2003 / 19:52 09-04-2003 / 19:54 09-04-2003 / 19:57 [ more sky pictures ]

Clouds / Sky

i like the sky, i like the clouds, i like the light. alltogether it creates such a huge, beautiful and powerfull thing. maybe i was in a previous life a bird… or maybe it’s because i’m such a dreamer? drawing I used to draw al the time as a kid. Made a lot of drawings, once […]


Had a good day. Got delayed in the metro for almost half an hour, so I got really relaxed at work. Most of the people were not there, which felt good. At my work, a lot op people work only 36 houres a week, and when they managed to make 9 hours a day (doing […]