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Volvo 1800 ESC by Coggiola

Historic Volvo Protoype re-discovered! At the Retro Auto & Moto Galicia 2015 which was held in Vigo (Spain) between march 20 and 22, a unique Volvo prototype from the early seventies was discovered, images appeared at a spanish Volvo Forum. This prototype is the Volvo 1800 ESC, alson knaown as Volvo Viking, a protoype built […]

Volvo Concept

The three concept cars that Volvo presented during the last 9 months were last week for the first time on display in Sweden. Upplands Motor, my Volvo dealer, celebrated their 50-years anniversary with these models in their showroom on May 17 and 18. For me the possibility to take a look (and make a little […]

Villa Ericsson (or Villa Roskull) on Roskullsvägen on Lidingö 🇸🇪

Volvo Photo Locations Part 112 These wonderfull photos of the 1933 Volvo Venus Bilo were made in the garden of Villa Roskull on Lidingö, near Stockholm. Like a mighty Vasaborg lies the splendid Villa Roskull on top of the Högudden with a great view over the Stockholm inlet. The villa was built in 1912, commissioned […]