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Ytterby Gruvan on Resarö

On our beautiful Resarö island, there has been a famous historic mine, unkown to many. In this Ytterby mine, located on Resarö in Vaxholm Kommun, outside Stockholm nine elements were discovered here for the first time in history: Yttrium (named after Ytterby) Ytterbium (named after Ytterby) Terbium (named after Ytterby) Erbium (named after Ytterby) Holmium […]

Afterwork on Väddö

After our first day at work, after the summer vacation, we decided to enjoy the journey home from Stockholm to Vaxholm. So, we had a little afterwork party at the Väddö boat from Strömkajen (Stockholm) to Ytterby brygga in Vaxholm.