Arrived safely in San Jose last night. Flight to Costa Rica was very tough. We were planning a stop in Miami, but during our flight we got the news that all airports in the USA were closed. So we went down in the Bermuda’s. Beautiful island, but not when you’re stuck in a hot plane for 3 houres. Airport was full with airplanes, seeking a safe haven outside the USA. We went to the Domincan Republic to spend the night there, due to the maximuan airhours the crew can have. Luckely at our arrival, we got the news that they found a new crew at the island to fly us further towards Costa Rica. So after having a drink on the airport, we went back in the air and headed for Costa Rica. Almost 12 hours after Amsterdam, we set foot in San Jose.

Everyone is shocked about what happened yesterday in the USA. Saw the first pictures at CNN. Not the moment to spend a holiday. Unbelievable.

San Jose is great, very crowded, hot and an occiasional rainshower, which is nice. Only the huge amount of cars and the black smoke they are producing is not very healthy. I’m sure they have never heard of Kyoto! The group I’m travelling with is quite nice, a very mixed group.

Tomorrow we’ll leave the city for the coast which will be so great. Looking forward swimming in the pacific sea.