Migrating old blogposts from Xanga has not been easy. After reading several posts on the internet and trying out several solution, without success, I finally managed to get my 683 posts (from 2000 to 2008) into WordPress 3.0.5.

How? The Xanga to WordPress exporter from Tim Wylie worked for me.

1. Download and run the Rebol console, a very small tool that you can run immediately from your download directory on c.

2. Place the xanga.r file from in the same directory as you run Rebol.

3. To create the RSS file from your Xanga, run this script in Rebol:

do %xanga.r
xanga/export http://www.xanga.com/user-name
xanga/export-wpxml %myfile.xml

user-name -> write your xanaga username here

%myfile.xml -> this will be the outputfile name, rename if you want into %xanga username.xml

4. When you run the script, you see that all blog entires are collected in a file. this can take some time.

5. When finished, you see your %xanga username.xml file in your download directory

6. Go to your WordPress admin page, select Plugins, where you have to use the RSS Importer plugin to RSS import.

7. Import your XML file and you’ll see that all Xanga posts will be imported in WordPress

8. Congratulations…!

I am very happy to have done this, only a few minor errors or things that didn’t work well: many empty categories where created which can be deleted easy, comment on Xanga post are not imported, headings are placed on top of the article and replaced by the blog posting date.

Thank you Tim Wylie!