Editions Atlas - Volvo PV 444

Recently I have (re) started collecting car models. After deciding to sign up for the Editions Atlas Collection of Volvo cars, I found out that there are a lot of nice models around. About 10 years ago, when I started to visit Sweden frequently, I bought often little models in toy shops. These were cheap with decent quality. In Sweden they are called ‘Young Driver’, produced by Hongwell. They were stuck away in a box the last years, because they were collecting to much dust. After I got a ‘showcase’ for my models, I’m enjoying it even more. Best quality of the models seems to be from Minichamps, altough Motorart is also giving value for money. Neo models and IXO are also good examples.

List of online places to find good new and used models:

List of 1/43 model makers to find good new models:

(Shops marked with + have I used recently and work very good, brands with + have I at home)

Some models I bought recently:

Minichamps - Volvo P1800 ES / Motorart - Volvo C30

Minichamps - Volvo V40 & S40

Minichamps - Volvo 740 GL

Motorart Volvo V50 Phase 1 & Phase 2

Minichamps - Volvo S60R & Volvo C70