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1972 – Volvo 144

1972 – Original US advertisement (click to view)

2012 – Bredgränd in Stockholm

Bredgränd is an alley in Gamla stan in Stockholm. Stretching from Skeppsbron to Österlånggatan, it forms a parallel street to Skeppar Karls Gränd and Kråkgränd.

Bredgränd appears in historical records as östan mur i bredha grandena (“east of the wall in the broad alley”) in 1476 and as Östre Bredgränden (“East Broad-Alley”) in 1570. The alley was called Tunnbindargränden from 1612 (Tunnbindargränd, “The Barrel Binding Alley”) until 1711 when street names were regulated and it was named Bredgränd. It was given the name Bredgränd because it actually is wider than neighbouring alleys closest to the waterfront while the vault in the western end makes the name slightly hilarious.

Archaeological excavations in 1944 unveiled a part of the city wall from the late Middle Ages. This section of the wall was built in stone, two metres at the base, and narrowing off towards the top. Other sections of it were built in brick and occasionally even half-timbered.

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Historic Volvo Photography Locations Overview