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2017 – Volvo S90 at Kämpegatan 4 in Göteborg 🇸🇪

2018 – Kämpegatan 4-8 in Göteborg (own photo)

2018 – Kämpegatan 4-8 in Göteborg (own photo)

2018 – Entrance to Kämpegatan 4-8 in Göteborg (Google Streetview)

Kämpegatan 4-8 is located in the (former) industrial Bronsen district of Gullbergsvass near Göta Älv in Göteborg.

The building has been under renovation during 2017 and 2018. Just like the neighboring building Pagoden, which originate from the 1910s to the 1930s and have throughout the years housed storage for both tobacco and wine and spirits; carpenters, shops, studios and a variety of small businesses. After the successful transformation of the Pagoden into office in 2012, thbuidling is now following in the same spirit.

“The central location makes the building interesting, as few of these charismatic old industrial buildings have been left in the inner city. Like in the work of the Pagoden, we are prepared to preserve the original, somewhat raw character, “says Jens Ragnarson, studio manager at Semrén & Månsson, and responsible for the project.

Much of the house’s former shine has over time been lost. For example, the original narrow-angle steel windows have long been replaced. These are now restored to give character to the house, while increasing light intensity by means of 30 centimeter wide vertical slots adjacent to the windows. The light is also flowing through new glazed coupons on the roof and offers the opportunity to decorate the winds into offices.

The developer of the project is Bygg-Göta, whose cooperation with Semrén & Månsson is a prestigious success concept that has given rise to both the Pagoda and Roskilde Hotel Avalon. In January 2018 the new office space is expected to be ready for occupation.

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