Volvo Photo Locations Part 292
Historic Volvo Photography Locations Overview
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2017 – Volvo V60 on Malmskillnadsgatan over Kungsgatan in Stockholm, Sweden

2018 – Malmskillnadsgatan in Stockholm (Google Streetview)

2017 – Volvo XC90 at Malmskillnadsgatan near Kungsgatan in Stockholm, Sweden.

2019 – Volvo XC90 UK Police

2018 – Malmskillnadsgatan in Stockholm (Google Streetview)

2018 – Malmskillnadsgatan in Stockholm (Google Streetview)

Malmskillnadsgatan (Swedish: “The Ridge Dividing Street”) is a 650-metre long street in central Stockholm, Sweden. It stretches northward from the Brunkebergstorg square over Hamngatan; crosses Mäster Samuelsgatan and Oxtorgsgatan; passes over the bridge Malmskillnadsbron passing over Kungsgatan; crosses Brunnsgatan and David Bagares gata; and finally ends at Johannes plan near Döbelnsgatan.

In association with the post-war redevelopment of central Stockholm, the residential area along the southern part of the street was transformed into a business area, isolated from the surrounding shopping district.

During the 1970s and 1980s, Malmskillnadsgatan (with Artillerigatan in the Östermalm district) was a traditional site for street prostitution in Stockholm), as the isolated location of the street made it completely abandoned after business hours.

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