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1987 – Volvo 760 GLE at Trollenäs slott at Trollenäs near Eslöv Skåne Sweden 🇸🇪.

2022 – Trollenäs slott in Eslöv

Trollenäs Slott is located in a historically interesting place and is mentioned as early as the 1380s when the farm was owned by the knight Stig Aagesen Thott. The farm was named Näs after the headland formed at the confluence of the Saxån and Gullarpsån rivers. The property is inherited within the Thott family and in 1559 Thage Ottesen Thott built a castle building. This castle is depicted in a poster work from the 1680s and shows a stately Renaissance castle in brick. Thage Ottesen Thott and his wife Else Ulfstand are buried in the medieval church located in the castle park.

The property is further inherited within the Thott family until 1682 when Knut Thott enters into a swap deal with Helle Trolle, born Rosenkrantz, widow of the Councilor, Admiral and Viceroy of Norway Nils Trolle and owner of Gaunö Castle, on Zealand in Denmark.

The Trolle family originated in Småland around the areas around Bergkvara in Småland. Around the year 1500, the family belonged to one of the largest landowners in the north and Arvid Trolle built a currently large castle whose foundations can still be seen on Bergkvara. The family was represented in both Sweden and Denmark and is counted as both a Swedish and a Danish ancestor. The family has baronial dignity.

After Helle Trolle, the son Arvid inherits the property and after him the son Fredrik Trolle becomes the owner in 1720. Fredrik Trolle established a fideicommissary in favor of his grandson and name Fredrik Trolle who inherits the property in 1770. With the establishment of the fideicommission which also included Fulltofta, Näs was renamed Trollenäs. Fredrik Trolle also let his 3 daughters inherit property and capital with the promise that they would remember the name Trolle. Thus we get properties that are connected to the name Trolle. Trolleholm, Trolleberg, Trollesund, Trolle-Ljungby and the families Trolle-Bonde, Trolle-Löwen and Trolle-Wachtmeister.

Fredrik Trolle jr died tragically in a drowning accident in 1775 in which his younger brother Arvid inherited. He was childless and is followed by two unmarried nephews Fredrik Arvid and Nils.

In 1890, his nephew Nils Trolle inherits the property and begins an extensive renovation and new construction work. The castle from the 16th century had previously undergone a number of renovations over the centuries. The latest around the year 1800 when the castle was whitewashed.

Nils Trolle with his young wife Anna, born Leijonhufvud hired the famous Danish architect Ferdinand Meldahl. He created an impressive castle complex with medieval Scanian-Danish elements and a rich French Renaissance costume in brick. The wings were newly built to the original central building. The interiors are of the highest class and largely inspired by the baroque ideal of the heyday. The main architect Agi Lindegren’s main source of inspiration was Drottningholm’s castle, where he was later appointed castle architect.

After Nils Trolle, his son Ulf inherited the property in 1930 and then his son Nils. He son Ulf, is the current owner since 2010. The estate’s operations consist of the castle operations, an extensive land and forestry as well as property management.

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