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Le Mans 1971

It is about 40 years ago that the Steve McQueen movie about the 24 houres of Le Mans was made. Now two clips have been produced with only race footage to memorade the 40 year anniversairy. Great pictures and sound!! Le Mans – Steve McQueen’s movie (only race sequences) 1/2 Le Mans – Steve McQueen’s […]

Volvo P1800 50 jaar

Gisteren was het 50 jaar geleden dat de legendarisch Volvo P1800 voor het eerst aan de pers getoond werd. Dit is gisteren in Kungälv bij Hotel Fars Hatt herdacht, dezelfde lokatie als 50 jaar geleden. Aanwezig waren de personen achter de Volvo P1800, waaronder ontwerper Pelle Pettersson (“nooit kunnen denken dat het ontwerp zo sterk […]

New S60 design explained

Very interresting, Jonathan Disley discusses the Volvo S60 design and explains how he used the SPA racetrack shape in the design of the car.

Royal Palace Sprint 2011

Today the FIS World Cup sprint competition took place around the Royal Palace in Stockholm. A great event with new snow in the streets and beautiful sunshine. The two days ended with a Swede, Emil Jönsson winning the Men’s final. The crowd went crazy!

KLM Personal Space Experiment

Good idea, give people there personal space (if they want it)!


het laatste netwerk uitje

more: http://www.hetlaatstenetwerkuitje.nl/

Kill Bill

quentin tarantino has a new movie to be released soon. his fourth movie. check out this great trailer at  Kill Bill – Teaser Trailer

Wat een mooie blouse!

new single (his first one!) from kasper van kooten is called mooie blouse (youtube)… very funny.

The Frighteners

scary movie saw this very weird and scary movie  The Frighteners on DVD. the most hilarious role must be the ‘german’ fbi-agent whis is afraid of yelling women… ha ha ha. (well who isn’t?)