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Renströmska on Sanatoriegatan in Göteborg 🇸🇪

Volvo Photo Locations Part 268 Renströmska sjukhuset or hospital (also known as Sanatorium at Kålltorp), is a former sanatorium in the city district Kålltorp in Göteborg. Today, it is known under the name Renströmska Villan. High uo on Sanatoriegatan in Kålltorp is Renströmska villa located. It was built as a sanatorium 1911-1913, designed by Ernst […]

Stationshuset in Falsterbo Skanör

Volvo Photo Locations Part 129 Stationhuset on Hjalmar Gullbergs Plan in Falsterbo was originally a railroad station. Today it is a art center, Falsterbo Konsthall and in 2007 Vellinge Kommun took over the responsibility for the gallery. Between 1903 and 1971 it was a Stationshus for the SJ, the Swedish railways. The station building was […]