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AJAX Kampioen!

Dit seizoen was de top in de Eredivisie een stuk breder dan de vorige jaargang. Ajax, FC Twente, PSV, Feyenoord, AZ en SC Heerenveen stonden geruime tijd binnen zeer korte afstand van elkaar. Lang was er daarom sprake van een heuse topzes. Woensdag mocht Ajax zich ook officieel tot de beste van Nederland kronen. Ajax […]

Jag är Zlatan Ibrahimović

Last week, I read the Zlatan Ibrahimović biography, written by David Lagercrantz. He has written down Zlatan history, as seen by Zlatan. Interesting to see all events from the perspective from Zlatan. Here is a summary of the book in pictures: After the book, Zlatan moved to Paris to join Paris Saint-Germain. See Wikipedia for […]

AJAX kampioen!

ajax shirt

it’s allways a weird sight when i’m leaving work around seven in the evening to see hundreds of men walking around with red and white shirts on with the name of the company i’m working for on it. i never wear anything like during my working hours, they do it for entertainment do be part […]

Paul Huf dead

Ajax players, a picture by Paul Huf, made in 1967  with Klaas Nuninga, Sjaak Swart, Piet Keizer and Johan Cruyff. ( more )

Skybox @ Amsterdam ArenA

Spend the whole afternoon in a skybox in the Amsterdam ArenA. Started a new project at work and this was the kick-off meeting. Was nice to enter the stadium. At the entrance, the walls all are covered with dutch-soccer-heroes. Nice to spend some time into a non-typical work place. Had a nice view on the […]