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BBL HQ on Avenue Marnix in Brussels – B 🇧🇪

International Volvo Photo Locations Part 262 The headquarters of BBL (now an office of ING Group) was the Bank Lambert-building on Marnixlaan 24, Brussels. This modernist building was the only European building designed by the American architect Gordon Bunshaft making it one of the most important modernist architectural buildings in Belgium. Gordon Bunshaft, (May 9, […]

Cour St Georges on Hoogpoort in Ghent – B 🇧🇪

International Volvo Photo Locations Part 209 The corner of the Hoogpoort and Botermarkt is one of the oldest places in Gent, Belgium. On the opposite site of this corner, you will fine the town hall of Ghent, which consists of two wings. It was designed by Rombout II Keldermans and Dominic the Waeghemaekere. The oldest […]

De Brouckèreplein in Brussels – B 🇧🇪

International Volvo Photo Locations Part 46 The De Brouckèreplein or Place de Brouckère is a square in the center of Brussels, named after Charles de Brouckère (junior). The square is one of the main thorough fares of the city center of Brussels, which was created by the vault of the Zenne. The Brouckèreplein took the […]