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Filmstaden Sergel on Hötorget in Stockholm 🇸🇪

Volvo Photo Locations Part 333 Great photography for Volvo Cars by Lennart Ström! Filmstaden Sergel is a cinema located on Hötorget and Sergelgatan in Stockholm city. The property is owned by the Stockholm City real estate office and the cinema section is rented by the cinema chain Filmstaden. In 1995, Hötorgscity’s facade towards Hötorget was […]

Plattan at night

Sergels torg plattan at a friday night… The Hötorget buildings (Swedish: Hötorgshusen or Hötorgsskraporna, “-scrapers”) are five high-rise office buildings in Stockholm, Sweden. Located between the squares Hötorget and Sergels Torg in the central Norrmalm district, they stand 72 meters tall and are a clearly visible landmark. Glasobelisken, officially “Kristall, vertikal accent i glas och […]