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Täby Galopp on Galoppsvängen in Täby 🇸🇪

Volvo Photo Locations Part 410 Täby Galopp was located on Galoppsvängen in Täby, north of Stockholm, Sweden. Täby Galopp (or Täby Racecourse) was a thoroughbred horse racing venue located in Täby, approximately 15 kilometers north of Stockholm. Täby Racecourse was before its closure in 2016, the premier track in Scandinavia. The venue opened August 28, […]


Painted today the fence around our garden. It must have been some time that is was painted, since almost all the paint was gone. We used the original paint color that was selected when our house was built in 1975, Resaröröd or Resarö Red. This color has the following code: YO=114.00 RO=220.00 S=48.00. The difference […]