Painted today the fence around our garden. It must have been some time that is was painted, since almost all the paint was gone. We used the original paint color that was selected when our house was built in 1975, Resaröröd or Resarö Red.


Before and after.

This color has the following code: YO=114.00 RO=220.00 S=48.00.
The difference between this paint color and Faluröd paint is that is has more yellow in it, making the color more bright. Falu paint has more black in it.


Resaröröd - Resarö Red

This Resarö Röd paint color was ordered by Färg och Tapetlagret in Täby. When mentioning you are coming from Resarö, you get a 20% deduction of the price.

For the black parts of our house, I need to get Resarösvart or Resarö Black. This appears also to be a special color created for our houses. But I haven’t seen this color yet.