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Vasabron at Vasagatan in Örebro

Volvo Photo Locations Part 282 Vasabron is a bridge at Vasagatan in Örebro, Sweden. Örebro is a city with 117,543 inhabitants, the seat of Örebro Municipality and the capital of Örebro County in Sweden. It is the seventh largest city in Sweden and one of the largest inland hubs of the country. It is located […]

Vasabron in Stockholm

Volvo Photo Locations Part 65 Vasabron (English: “The Vasa Bridge”) is a bridge over Norrström in central Stockholm, Sweden connecting Norrmalm to Gamla stan, the old city. The bridge is named after King Gustav Vasa (1496–1560), perhaps because of the vicinity to the statue of the king in front of the House of Knights. From […]