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PG Gyllenhammar’s Red Volvo

Three of PG Gyllenhammar’s own official Volvo cars are now on display at the Volvo Museum in Göteborg. They are painted in the same colour red and featuring a custom-made red interior, the cars reflect the personality of one of Sweden’s foremost industry leaders, Pehr G Gyllenhammar, who led Volvo as its President, CEO, and […]

Christinehofs Slott in Brösarp

Volvo Photo Locations Part 116 Christinehofs slott is a castle in Brösarp, Skåne. The palace was built in 1737-1740 in the German Baroque style under the guidance of Georg Mockelten. Today it is part of Christinehofs Ecopark, with a castle café and during summer months, guided tours of the castle and nearby Borstakärr Våtmarker (wetlands). […]