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Photos from Amsterdam Westerpark.


bridge over kostverlorenvaart in amsterdam westerpark

Oliebollenkraam in Amsterdam

oliebollenkraam at haarlemmerplein in amsterdam on sunday 5th of january, 2003 poor girl, nobody is buying her oliebollen (“oilballs”)… she sold hundreds of them in the last week, now they are old and she is ignored by anyone… poor girl.

Duck in Westerpark #1

duck in small pond in amsterdam westerpark had a good sunday, went for a long walk through the neighbourhood… visited the park with the huge fountain. water was full with waterbirds… like the duck pictured above… will do for a cool wallpaper …


view from my window on the Donker Curtiusstraat 8-G in Amsterdam Westerpark

Cafe Restaurant Amsterdam

had a great birthday yesterday… went out for diner at cradam , got many nice presents :-)

A shooting in the street #2

Found out from the news at AT5 and today in the paper ‘het parool’ that the men were not shot in my street. Two groups of criminals had a meeting some where in the neighbourhood. Some ‘conflict’ appeared and they were shooting at each other. When the alarmed police arrived, they got in their cars […]

A shooting in the street

While cleaning up my house, I saw a policecar with lights and alarm driving through the street. Minutes later I saw this green Volkswagen Golf with a smashed driverswindow passing and stopping in the street after making some strange movements. It was obvious he was trying to hide behind this small Italian threewheeled Piaggio-truck. Then […]