Volvo Photo Locations Part 44
Historic Volvo Photography Locations Overview

1995 - Volvo 940 at Kullaberg in Mölle

2006 - Volvo S80 at at Kullaberg in Mölle

2014 – Volvo S60 R-Design at Kullaberg in Mölle

2014 – Volvo S60 R-Design at Kullaberg in Mölle

2016 - Volvo V60

2016 – Volvo V60 at Kullaberg in Mölle

2018 – Volvo V60 at Kullaberg

2012 - Kullabergvägen in Mölle

Kullaberg is a nature reserve situated on a peninsula of land protruding into the Kattegat in Höganäs Kommun near the town of Mölle in southwest Sweden. Kullen lighthouse, designed by architect Magnus Dahlander in 1898, is considered the brightest in Sweden, situated at the westernmost point of the reserve, guiding ships through this busy part of the Kattegat. Within this 75 square kilometre (18,500 acre) reserve are extensive hiking paths that criss-cross the ridge and provide access to dozens of beach coves nestled at the bottom of the cliff formations.

Mölle is a locality situated in Höganäs Kommun in Skåne, Sweden. It is best known for its scenic harbour and its location adjacent to the Kullaberg Nature Reserve. Its harbour, situated on the Kattegat Strait, provides services for marine fishing, watersports outings and tour excursions along the coast, especially the rocky shore of Kullaberg to the north. Fodor characterizes Mölle as “a small town set in spectacular isolation on the dramatic headland of the Kulla Peninsula”.


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Historic Volvo Photography Locations Overview