Volvo Photo Locations Part 109
Historic Volvo Photography Locations Overview

1966 – Volvo Amazon Estate (P220)

1967 – View diagonally across Mäster Samuelsgatan with the shops Gulins and Stridsbergs Päls at kv Beridarebanan. (Stockholmskällan)

2012 – Mäster Samuelsgatan (corner with Slöjdgatan) in Stockholm (Google Streetview)

Master Samuelsgatan is a street in the district Norrmalm in Stockholm. It extends east-west from Birl Jarlsgatan to Vasagatan and is about 1000 meters long.

The name comes from the vicar of Klara and Bromma congregations named Samuel Hammarinus (who died in 1667). He owned a plot in the quarter Svanen near Långbrogatan.

At the transformation of downtown Stockholm in the 50’s and 60’s, changed street appearance significantly when Sveavägen would be drawn up to Sergel Torg. Today is Master Samuelsgatan connected with bridges over Sveavägen and Sergelgatan, when these were lowered about 5 feet in the Hötorgscitys inception in 1950 – and the 60’s. The Klara Tunnel, which the City Plan 1967 would be further east, stops now at Mäster Samuelgatan eastern part.

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Historic Volvo Photography Locations Overview