Today visited US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton our beautiful Vaxholm!

Clinton had a meeting with Carl Bildt and Defense Minister Karin Engström (from Vaxholm) for talks on a boat trip from Stockholm to Vaxholm and back, through Stockholm’s Skärgården. Later she will be meeting Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and Crown Princess Vistoria for discussing how to lower emissions causing climate change at an environmental conference.

MS Riddarholmen arrives at Vaxholm

Hillary Clinton on MS Riddarholmen

Hillary Clinton with Defence Minister Karin Enström

Hillary Clinton, Karin Enström and Carl Bildt (Sweden's Minister for Foreign Affairs)

Hillary waves to the waiting crowd in Vaxholm

Back on the MS Riddarholmen

MS Riddarholmen leaves Vaxholm to go back to Stockholm

More pictures in my Picasa album: “Hillary Clinton Visits Vaxholm 2012“.