GP 24070682-origpic-2e4c79

GP 24070704-origpic-6b103d

GP 23863799-origpic-fac655

GP 23863821-origpic-3c0d60

GP 23863786-origpic-7525ef

GP 23863694-origpic-c885a9

GP 23863643-origpic-881e0e

GP 23863623-origpic-811da3

GP 23863585-origpic-5e1536

This wonderfull artwork from the swedish west coast is by Thomas Olsson, an illustrator from Göteborg whom earlier has worked as a teacher at the Berghs School of Communication but has been a specialist in the creation of retro images from the 40 and 50s.

I love these images!!

These images can be ordered at the webshop of Göteborgs Posten.