International Volvo Photo Locations Part 284
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1960 – Volvo 122S Amazon in Broad St with the Federal Hall in the background on Wall St, New York, USA.

2017 – Broad St in New York City – USA (Google Streetview)

2017 – Broad St in New York City – USA (Google Streetview)

Broad Street is a narrow street located in the Financial District in the New York City borough of Manhattan. It stretches from South Street to Wall Street.

Originally the Broad Canal in New Amsterdam drawing from the East River, the canal was filled in 1676 after numerous fruit and vegetable vendors made it difficult for boats to enter the canal. Early establishments on Broad Street in the 1600s included the Lovelace Tavern, the Fraunces Tavern, and the Royal Exchange. Later on the area became the center of financial activity, and all smaller buildings in turn were replaced with grand banks and stock exchange buildings. Most of the structures that stand today date from the turn of the 20th century, along with more modern buildings constructed after the 1950s.

1905 – Broad Street NYC

2013 – Broad Street NYC

North of Wall Street, Broad Street continues onto Nassau Street. The two southernmost skyscrapers in Manhattan are 1 New York Plaza on the west side of Broad Street, and 125 Broad Street on the east. The famous neo-Roman facade of the New York Stock Exchange and its main entrance is located on 18 Broad Street. Opposite it is the former J.P. Morgan headquarters 23 Wall Street and 15 Broad Street, which has been converted into a luxury condominium. Other buildings of note are the Broad Exchange Building at number 25, the Continental Bank Building at number 30 and the American Bank Note Company Building at number 70.

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