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2016 – Volvo S90 R-design on Götaleden (E45) towards Götatunneln in Göteborg, Sweden 🇸🇪.

2021 – Götaleden with entrance to Götatunnel in Göteborg (Google Streetview)

2021 – Götaleden with entrance to Götatunnel in Göteborg (Google Streetview)

Götaleden is the name of a stretch of the E45 through central Göteborg which also includes the Göta tunnel. Götaleden is 3 kilometers long, of which the tunnel is 1.5 kilometers.

Götaleden was originally the name of a projected city motorway for the then E 3 in Göteborg, which was planned in connection with the General Plan for Göteborg City 1964-68 and was then called Stamleden. The trunk route would then feed on the planned Ringleden.

The main traffic route network consists of trunk routes along the river, trails above or below the river, radial trails – mainly national and county roads and ring trails. Until the opening of the Tingstad tunnel in 1968, these were: Norra Stamleden, which started from Torslanda airfield and followed Torslandavägen, Bräckevägen, Stålhandskegatan, Neptunusgatan and the then already extended part of the E 6 north (Norgevägen). Södra Stamleden started in Älvsborg with Torgny Segerstedtsgatan, continued in Oscarsgatan and Masthamnsgatan until the area of Järntorget, where it was divided into two branches that ran along the city area. The northern branch followed Skeppsbron, Sankt Eriksgatan and Mårten Krakowgatan extended to Gamlestadstorg and continued east on Artillerigatan to Kviberg. The southern branch first turned south, then went east through Haga, along Vasa – or Engelbrektsgatan to the area of Mölndalsån, where it turned north to at Viaduktplatsen merge into Riddaregatan and Partillevägen (current E 20). The roads above and below the river united the two tribal roads.

The road would start from Gullbergsmotet at E6 and the Tingstad tunnel. From there, it would consist of Mårten Krakowgatan west past Lilla Bommen, along Packhuskajen and Skeppsbron to Järntorget, where it would meet Oscarsleden.

The first stage was built in 1971-1973. It was only a few hundred meters long and went from Lilla Bommen on a viaduct over the railway track Södra hamnbanan west to Packhusplatsen. The section occupied part of Sankt Eriksgatan and meant that the tramway (then line 2) had to be moved to Östra Hamngatan. In addition, the old Länscellfängelset prison at Lilla Bommen was demolished.

The Gotaleden is also the name of an 71 kilometre walking trail between Göteborg and Alingsås in West Sweden. Beautiful nature, pitstops near to town and proximity to train stations characterise this trail.

The Gotaleden is a walking trail close to the city, which has been divided into nine stages covering a total of 71 kilometres. Proximity to train stations on the different stages makes it easy to adapt the walk as you want. Natural landscapes along the trail are varied and beautiful, with lakes you can swim in, fantastic viewpoints and undulating countryside.
The trail starts (or finishes) in Kungsportsplatsen right in the centre of Gothenburg. From here the trail leads out of the city, along leafy tree lined avenues. Before long you come to Delsjön’s nature reserve, where the many exercise tracks are well used by families and sports clubs. It doesn’t take long however before the hubbub fades away, and the peace and quiet of the countryside takes over.

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