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1962 – Volvo P1800 at waterfalls towards Grövelsjön at Storsätern near Idre, Sweden 🇸🇪.

1962 – Volvo P1800 at waterfalls towards Grövelsjön at Storsätern near Idre, Sweden 🇸🇪.

2022 – Waterfalls towards Grövelsjön (Google Streetview)

This location is at the waterfalls along the road Grövelsjön south of Storsätern near Idre, Sweden.

Where the public road ends the mountains will extend out in front of you. Birches, heather moorland, streams and rolling soft mountains. You will find hiking trails that will lead you over the mountains and through the valleys. Put on your hiking boots and backpack for a lovely day trip on Långfjället, a great way to experience Grövelsjön during the warmer summer or the colourful autumn. If you love fishing, there are many beautiful lakes in the area, both for the beginner and the more advanced fisherman. How about trying to fill the fly-fishing quota in Storån which attracts the shimmering trout?

If you enjoy the cold white snow and freezing temperatures, then the winter and spring are the thing for you. There are prepared cross-country skiing trails in all directions, and if that is not enough you can always go out on your own and break your own trails. In late winter when the sun shines it is easy to slide down the slopes, maybe try some alpine skiing when there are three lifts available here or why not take the tracked vehicle up the mountain? In Grövelsjön there are also opportunities to meet the Sami people, listen to their stories and maybe try feeding a reindeer. Do not forget to taste the local food that brings both joy and energy to every new day and mountain adventure. No matter what season you visit Grövelsjön – you will enjoy every moment!

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