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2018 – Volvo S60 at Magasinet 2 on Lärdomsgatan 12 in Vallastaden near Linköping in Sweden 🇸🇪.

2018 – Volvo S60 R-Design at Magasinet 2 on Lärdomsgatan in Vallastaden near Linköping 🇸🇪.

2022 – Magasinet 2 on Lärdomsgatan in Linköping (Google Streetview)

Magasinet 2 is a housing complex located on Lärdomsgatan 12 in Vallastaden near Linköping, Sweden.

The architect describes: In the project Magasinet 2 in Vallastaden in Linköping has the concrete contractor Hökerum Bygg AB and we together developed visions, ideas and previous experiences around sustainable, honest housing that reflects our time. Now and for real. The concept for Magasinet 2 came originally from the city plan vision created by urban planning architects from OkiDoki!.

The plan vision gave room for difference, variation in expression and scale. They wanted a city of smaller units without conformity or 1960s Grand Social Rationalism.

2017 – Magasinet 2 on Lärdomsgatan in Linköping (own photo)

A kind of return to the medieval the city’s slow construction with many architectural expressions and one kind of general rudeness. A Swedish declaration of love for Brooklyn or Prague.

In a time of variation, change and individualization we wanted to create one soft concrete architecture that was not felt outdated neo-brutal and rationalist. One steps forward, a respect for a collective awareness and understanding for the fellow human being, the neighbor and the Swedish the history of concrete construction. The goal in the close cooperation between contractor and architect was to create new beautiful, creative home where the pure, natural the concrete element is proudly shaped and identity creation without white plastic film of paint. A respect for it rational prefabricated concrete method does not have to result in an architectural expressions of repetition, symmetry, hardness, coldness, boredom and power.

The prerequisite existed when the building contractor had the will to develop new ones casting methods with precision in housing for ordinary people who want to go outside of it usual. The varied facade with its vertical ribs, creating one during the present race changing expression in its shadow play in the facade and is the result of an eager and positive cooperation between contractor and architect.

Finding a balance between expression and production efficiency can one only succeeds when the ambition and the commitment is great and when the will and the sensitivity is there. A common will to do better as well as courage and faith that a project should succeed in creating one human and wonderful environment for generations.

This can only be created with good and durable materials. Real materials, such as concrete, wood and steel. Magasinet 2 is a brave building with inviting and exciting details and generous common areas. People in different stages in life should thrive and naturally meet in the places of community offers. Indoor pool, heated conservatory, long table, cultivation and apple trees in the showy garden. The project is not for everyone but for some. It is not generally without personal.

The small apartment building with its 14 apartments have, because it is a part of Vallastaden, allowed to contain many very unusual ingredients. The house has its very own swimming pool and pool relaxation room to strengthen the community in the house, a beautiful garden with small delicate farms and conservatory.
(Text by architect Magnus Ståhl)

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