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Lapporten in Abisko

Volvo Photo Locations Part 258 From lake Torneträsk you get an excellent view on Lapporten (Swedish: “The Lapponian Gate”) or Tjuonavagge, a U-shaped valley in Lapland in northern Sweden. Lapporten is one of the most familiar natural sights of the mountains there. The valley is bounded to the southwest of the mountain Nissuntjårro (1,738 m) […]

Silverfallet in Björkliden

Volvo Photo Locations Part 226 Silverfallet, at Rakkasjokk near Brörkliden, is a beautiful waterfall leading to Tornetrask. A wide walking path can be followed through a beautiful birch forest. The last bit down towards the waterline the path narrows and becomes quite steep. It is worth going all the way down when you get there, […]