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Ekenäs Gård on Jonseredvägen in Lerum 🇸🇪

Volvo Photo Locations Part 271 Ekenäs Gård is located at the Jonseredvägen in Lerum, between Jonsered and Lerum, east of Göteborg. Ekenäs Gård belonged earlier to Gullringsbo, whick is located on the other side of the Jonseredsägen. Carl Krüger built Ekenäs Gård in 1908 on “Täcka Udden” and this beautiful castle is designed by his […]

Nääs Fabriker in Lerum

Volvo Photo Locations Part 133 Nääs Fabriker was a cotton factory with textile industry near Lake Sävelången. Today the Nääs Fabriker is a hotel, restaurant and conference center on a short distance from Göteborg. The history of the area started on 6 October 1773, when Nääs Fabriker’s founder, Peter Wilhelm Berg, first saw the light […]

Nääs Slott on Nääs Allé in Floda

Volvo Photo Locations Part 59 Thanks to Per Richardson, who found this Volvo Photo Location! Nääs Slott is a 17th century mansion near Göteborg, Sweden. It’s situated at the lake Sävelången in Västergötland. In the later half of the 19th century Nääs became world renowned through its Crafts College and for more than 50 years […]