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2016 - Volvo V40

2016 – Volvo V40

2016 - Söder Mälarstrand in Stockholm (Google Streetview)

2016 – Söder Mälarstrand in Stockholm (Google Streetview)

Söder mälarstrand is a coastal street with berth on Södermalm in Stockholm. It stretches along the Riddarfjärden from Pålsundet in the west to Centralbron in the east and is about 2,200 meters long.

Along the street there are some interesting sites like Heleneborg, industrial building Münchenbryggeriet and office building Mariahissen.

The island with the old steam boat is Långholmen.

Långholmen is an island in central Stockholm, between Södermalm and Kungsholmen. Långholmen is a green oasis in the city, and a popular spot for walks, picnics and swimming. The small beaches, located right outside the former prison, are usually crowded in summer. However, up until 1975, Långholmen was used as a prison island. Since 1989 Långholmen Prison has been a 112-room hotel and hostel, renovated in 2007/2008. In the former prison hospital there is now a restaurant and pub.

Långholmen was originally rocky and barren, but in the eighteenth century, prison inmates covered the island with mud dredged from the surrounding waterways. After several years, the fertile soil transformed much of the island into lush gardens with a somewhat exotic flora, due to the introduction of various seeds that were spread via trade and merchant ships passing by the island. This peculiarity still persists, and today the island is considered a lush retreat.

2016 - Söder Mälarstrand in Stockholm Maps02

2016 - Söder Mälarstrand in Stockholm Maps01

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