Volvo Photo Locations Part 242
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1987 - Volvo 740 GLE

1987 – Volvo 740 GLE at Kinnekullegården utsikten on Kinnekulle in Hällekis, Sweden

2016 - Kinnekullegården Utsikten towards the east

2016 – Kinnekullegården Utsikten towards the east at Kinnekullegården in Hällekis

Kinnekullegården is a Look-out point on Kinnekulle in Hällekis with a magnificent view both to the west and to the east!

When you are touring the beautiful mountain of Kinnekulle and looking for somewhere to eat, Kinnekullegården is the perfect place. The restaurant is situated quite close to the top of Kinnekulle. From the dining-hall you will have a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside and you can also catch a glimpse of Lake Vänern, the largest lake in Western Europe.

Kinnekullegården is famous for its large choice of typical Swedish dishes. The owners, two generations of Erikssons, say it is their idea to serve well-cooked abundant meals. The Erikssons are deeply rooted in the area, which is a guarantee for products from the neighbourhood.

Kinnekullegården is open all year round. On weekdays a daily special with salad bar is served at lunchtime and at weekends, a delicious buffet. A la carte meals are always available. You can also stop by for a coffee break.



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Thanks to Per Pettersson, who found this Volvo Photo Location!

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