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2018 – Volvo S60 at Aschebergsgatan near Chalmers in Göteborg 🇸🇪.

2021 – Aschebergsgatan in Göteborg (Google Streetview)

Aschebergsgatan is a street located in Göteborg, Sweden.

Aschebergsgatan is an approximately 950 meter long street that runs through Vasastaden, Johanneberg, Landala and Lorensberg in central Göteborg since 1882. The street name has been given to the memory of the governor and the commander, Count Rutger von Ascheberg (1621-1693).

Aschebergsgatan was from the beginning only the part between Nya Allén and Engelbrektsgatan (more correctly Lilla Vasaparken), and until about 1886 that part was called Brandtdalagatan. The upper part of the street was called Öfra Korsgatan until 1882-83, when the entire extent of the street was redone.

In the current intersection of Föreningsgatan – Aschebergsgatan was Brandtdala herrgård, also called Lilla Lorensberg and Fredriksberg. The plot address was “number 105 in the city’s 12th rote”. The property was built around 1770 and the building got its mansion-like appearance in 1856 by master painter CA Bolm. The manor was demolished in 1912. Around 1830, Brandtdala was divided into two parts, Västra Brandtdala and Östra Brandtdala.

The mountain ridge in the west, which runs parallel to the steepest part of Aschebergsgatan, is called Geteryggsberget.

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