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1997 – Volvo V70 at Näsinge Flygplats on Flygplats 1 in Strömstad, Sweden 🇸🇪
(Photography by Claes Axstål)

2022 – Näsinge Flygplats in Strömstad

2022 – Näsinge Flygplats in Strömstad

2022 – Näsinge Flygplats in Strömstad

2022 – Näsinge Flygplats in Strömstad

Näsinge Flygplats or Strömstads Airport is located on Flygplats 1 in Strömstad, Sweden.

Näsinge parish in Bohuslän was part of Vette district, became part of Strömstad municipality since 1971.
During the municipal reform of 1862, the parish’s responsibility for ecclesiastical issues passed to Näsinge parish and for bourgeois issues, Näsinge county municipality was formed. The county municipality was incorporated in 1952 into Vette county municipality which in 1967 amounted to the city ​​of Strömstad which in 1971 was transformed into Strömstad municipality. The parish was in 2002 in Idefjordens parish.

On 1 January 2016, the Näsinge district was established, with the same scope as the parish had in 1999/2000.

Strömstad Municipality (Strömstads kommun) is a municipality in Västra Götaland County in western Sweden. Its seat is located in the city of Strömstad.

The municipality got its present boundaries in 1967, when the City of Strömstad was merged with the two adjacent rural municipalities Tjärnö and Vette. Vette had been created in 1952 out of four older entities.

Strömstad Municipality is located on the Norwegian border and is known to attract large numbers of shoppers from Norway due to the marked price gap, notably in the tax-burdened alcohol and tobacco, but also groceries such as meat and sugar. There are also a great deal to save on automotive services.

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