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1951 – Volvo PV445 B by Valbo at Tages Konditori on Mariagatan and Sannaplan in Göteborg, Sweden 🇸🇪.

1951 – Volvo PV445 B by Valbo at Tages Konditori on Mariagatan and Sannaplan in Göteborg, Sweden 🇸🇪.

2022 – Tages Konditori on Mariagatan and Sannaplan in Göteborg (Google Streetview)

Tages Konditori was located on Mariagatan and Sannaplan in Göteborg, Sweden. Today in 2022, we will find Thai Tanic take away restaurant at this location.

Tages Konditori started in 1952 when Tage and Iris Svedberg bought Runa’s café. After a few years, in 1958, they moved into new premises and opened the café Tages, where coffee was traditionally served in a jug at the table. It was during the cafés’ heyday, when each block had its own café. In the 70’s, when the downturn in the industry was a fact, Iris and Tage took a whole new approach. They opened a hatch where they sold sausages and mash. At that time, it was daring to pick up food in the traditional café assortment. The success was a fact and you got two legs to stand on – a business idea that still holds true today.

On the Volvo PV445 B by Valbo:
With the A-model bumper but with head light frames from after the A-model, this should be a car from the B-serial. The A-model bumper is found on cars way up in the C-serial, but this car lacks the later indicators on the upper part of the pole behind the door. This car probarly is equipped with indicators type arrow and no arrow indicators have been found on Valbo built cars from later than the B-serial. The car is running for the bakers shop Tages Konditori in the background and they are selling the, for the time, well known Karusell cake. In one of the cars side windows it says: “Test our delicious Karusell cake”.
The back bumper is for sure taken from the PV 444 A, a solution seen on other Valbo cars, for example the car from Filips hovkonditori. The registration plate is of the kind car dealer used to get to run a car before registration. The plate is connected to the dealer and any car in his fleet so technical data cannot be fetched through the plate register for this specific car. Note that the car has chrome lists on the fenders, not found on any other Valbo built cars on this site. (Source:

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