International Volvo Photo Locations Part 520
Historic Volvo Photography Locations Overview
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1976 – Volvo 264 GL at Yates Cider Mill on 1950 East Avon Road in Rochester Hills MI USA 🇺🇸.

2022 – Yates Cider Mill on 1950 East Avon Road in Rochester Hills MI USA (Google Streetview).

Yates Cider Mill is a cider mill located on East Avon Road in Rochester, Michigan.

The mill traces its roots to 1863, when it was known as Yates Grist Mill. In order for the mill to utilize water power, the Yates Dam was built. The Yates Mill became the Yates Cider Mill in 1876 when a cider press was installed into the existing water powered process and the Mill began producing apple cider. Custom apple pressing was done for local farmers, orchard owners and landowners who brought their apples to the Mill.

Today visitors to the Yates Cider Mill can watch cider being made, powered by a 26-inch turbine, which was installed in 1894. It is the original turbine from 1894 that is still in use today at the Mill. Recently, the turbine was removed, refurbished and reinstalled in order to preserve history and continue with the original tradition of making cider. A 58-inch culvert carries the water that provides the water power for the turbine underground from the dam across the street to the Mill.

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