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Doktor Bex gata in Göteborg 🇸🇪

Volvo Photo Locations Part 80 Doktor Bex Gata is a street located on the Guldheden in Göteborg. The street is named in memory of Abraham Bex (who died in mid-October 1696) and who became a doctor of medicine in Utrecht (Netherlands) in 1680 and stadsfysikus (town doctor) in Göteborg around 1685. In this street there […]

Kopparbunken on Hörsalsvägen in Göteborg 🇸🇪

Volvo Photo Locations Part 96 Kopparbunken is a building with a copper outside at the Chalmer University campus in Göteborg. It can be found at the Elektrovägen. In Swedish the name Kopparbunken can be split into two parts, koppar and bunken. Koppar means copper and bunken means bowl. So in English one could translate it […]

Central Station on Drottningtorget in Göteborg 🇸🇪

Volvo Photo Locations Part 103 Central Station, Göteborgs centralstation or Göteborg C is the main railway station of Göteborg. The station serves 27 million passengers per year, making it the second largest railway station in Sweden after Stockholm Central Station. The station opened in October the 4th, 1858. The station is situated at Drottningtorget. Numerous […]

Direktörsvillan at Trädgårdsföreningen in Göteborg 🇸🇪

Volvo Photo Locations Part 115 Direktörsvilla (or Director villa) is today the oldest surviving building in the Trädgårdsföreningen in Göteborg (or Göteborg Horticultural Society). It was built in 1847 by the city architect Loren Wilhelm Brandenburg as home for the chief gardener. The building also contained upstairs the first seed shop of the Trädgårdsföreningen. The […]