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Hestevika on Alnes in Godøya – N 🇳🇴

International Volvo Photo Locations Part 392 Fv127 near Hestevika is located on Alnes in Godøya, Norway. Alnes is a small village in Giske Municipality in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. It is located on the (isolated) north side of the island of Godøya, about 4 kilometres northwest of the village of Leitebakk. The rest of […]

Instöbron near Marstrand 🇸🇪

Volvo Photo Locations Part 322 Instöbron or Instöbridge is a bridge connecting Vrångholmen and Instön near Marstrand in Kungälv Kommun, north of Göteborg, Sweden. Instön is an island near Marstrand in Bohuslän. The name refers to that Instön is the innermost of the major Marstrand Islands. The area is 3.6 square kilometers. The settlement on […]

Basler Messeturm on Rosentalstrasse in Basel – CH 🇨🇭

International Volvo Photo Locations Part 372 Basler Messeturm is located on Rosentalstrasse in Basel, Switzerland. The Basler Messeturm (Basel Trade Fair Tower) is the third tallest building in Basel, Switzerland. Completed in 2003, it has 32 floors and is 105 m tall. There is a bar on the top floor. The Ramada hotel chain operates […]

Hotel SP34 at Sankt Peders Stræde in Copenhagen – DK 🇩🇰

International Volvo Photo Locations Part 368 Hotel SP34 is located on Sankt Peders Stræde in Copenhagen, Denmark. Sankt Peder Stræde is a street in central Copenhagen, Denmark. It runs from Nørregade to Jarmers Plads, crossing Larsbjørnsstræde, Teglgårdsstræde and Larslejsstræde on the way. The eponymous St. Peter’s Church is located at the beginning of the street, […]

Kalvebod Bølge on Kalvebod Brygge in Copenhagen – DK 🇩🇰

International Volvo Photo Locations Part 359 Kalvebod Bølge is located on Kalvebod Brygge in Copenhagen, Denmark. Kalvebod Brygge (literally “Kalvebod Quay”) is a waterfront area in the Vesterbro district of Copenhagen, Denmark. The name also refers to a section of the Ring 2 ring road which follows the waterfront from Langebro in the north to […]

The Silo on Helsinkigade in Copenhagen – DK 🇩🇰

International Volvo Photo Locations Part 358 The Silo is located on Helsinkigade in Copenhagen. The Silo is part of the transformation of Copenhagen’s Nordhavn (North Harbour) – a vast post-industrial development, currently being transformed into a new city district. Designed by Danish architects COBE with clients Klaus Kastbjerg and NRE Denmark, a 17-storey former grain […]

Børnehuset Frederiksvej Kindergarten on Frederiksvej in Frederiksberg – DK 🇩🇰

International Volvo Photo Locations Part 351 Børnehuset Frederiksvej Kindergarten is located on Frederiksvej in Frederiksberg, west of Copenhagen in Denmark. Frederiksvej Kindergarten was started in 2011 as a competition won by COBE in collaboration with Preben Skaarup landscape architects, Søren Jensen engineers and Learning Spaces consultants. The kindergarten is officially inaugurated by the city mayor […]

Amager Strandpark in Copenhagen – DK 🇩🇰

International Volvo Photo Locations Part 349 Amager Strandpark (Amager Beach Park) is a seaside public park in Copenhagen, Denmark. It is located on the island of Amager and includes an artificial island and offers a total of 4.6 km of beaches. From the beach, the Middelgrunden wind farm can be seen on the horizon. The […]

Rosenholms allé in Fridhem in Malmö 🇸🇪

Volvo Photo Locations Part 317 Rosenholms allé is a street in the Fridhem suburbs from Malmö in South of Sweden. Fridhem is a neighbourhood of Malmö, situated in the Borough of Västra Innerstaden, Malmö Municipality, Skåne County, Sweden. The name comes from an Old Norse compound fríðheim (fríðr + heimr), “home of the beautiful”. It […]

Nordea HQ on Strandgade in Copenhagen – DK 🇩🇰

International Volvo Photo Locations Part 323 Nordea Bank Headquarters i Danmark is located at Strandgade in Christianshavn in Copenhagen, Denmark. Nordea Bank Headquarters in Denmark makes part of a Henning Larsen Architects masterplan for the Christiansbro area. Won in 1995, the masterplan concerns the redevelopment of a former shipyard site. The interaction between the exquisite […]