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Espingtorpet in Sandhult 🇸🇪

Volvo Photo Locations Part 365 Espingtorpet is located within the Volvo Hällered Proving Ground in Sandhult, northwest of Borås, Sweden. When Volvo bought in the late 1960s almost a third part of Hällered, there were three old soldattorp or (soldier) residence left in the area. Two of them were in a terrible state, but one […]

Swedish Cyprus Expedition with Volvo ÖV4 (1927 – 1931)

The Swedish Cyprus Expedition was a project to systematically investigate the archaeology of the early history of Cyprus. It took place between September 1927 and March 1931 and was led by three archaeologists Einar Gjerstad, Erik Sjöqvist, Alfred Westholm and architect / photographer John Lindros. Archaeological excavations were made at various locations in Cyprus including […]

Storebackegatan near Masthuggskyrkan in Göteborg 🇸🇪

Volvo Photo Locations Part 302 Storebackegatan is a street on Stigberget in Göteborg. This place is mostly known because of the Masthuggskyrkan, but from here, you als get a great view over Göteborg with the Göta Älv. Masthuggskyrkan is a well-known church in Göteborg, Sweden, which was built in 1914. Its position on a high […]

Västra Gatan in Kungälv 🇸🇪

Volvo Photo Locations Part 228 Västra gatan is an old street in the old part of Kungälv, a little city just north of Göteborg in Sweden. According to official Swedish sources the city was founded in 1612, when the city of Konghelle was moved closer to the Bohus Fortress. However, this is disputed because other […]

Nordkulan or BC-fabriken at Volvo factory in Lundby in Göteborg 🇸🇪

Volvo Photo Locations Part 78 On 14 April 1927, the first series-produced Volvo car leaves Lundby Göteborg factory. 85 years later, the Volvo Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles and Volvo Cars approaches the 500 000 sold cars per year. It was ten o’clock on the morning of 14 april […]

Slottsskogen in Göteborg 🇸🇪

Volvo Photo Locations Part 74 Slottskogen is Göteborg’s main park. See elks, foxes, deer and other Nordic animals in the park zoo. In the summer, there is a petting zoo with piglets and kid goats. Don’t miss feeding time for the seals and penguins. The petting zoo and pony rides are open from April to […]