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Gillögagatan in Stockholm 🇸🇪

Volvo Photo Locations Part 352 Gillögagatan and Erik Dahlbergsgatan are street on Gärdet in Stockholm, Sweden. Gärdet is a part of Stockholm, east and northeast of Östermalm. Its official name is Ladugårdsgärdet. It is renowned for its large number of modernist apartments. Gärdet is one of the largest residential districts built in Stockholm during the […]

Södra Strandgatan in Lycke 🇸🇪

Volvo Photo Locations Part 324 Södra Strandgatan is a road in Lycke, also known as country road 168. Länsväg 168 runs between Kungälv and Marstrand in Bohuslän. Length 27 km. The road goes through, among others, the communities of Ytterby, Kroken and the resorts Vävra, Risby, Guddeby, Tjuvkil and ends at Koön in Marstrand. The […]

Varvskajen on Hedvigsholmen in Marstrand 🇸🇪

Volvo Photo Locations Part 321 Hedvigsholmen is a fortified islet in Marstrand harbor. It was originally called Fiskholmen but was named Hedvigsholmen a few years after Bohuslän became Swedish (1658), and was later also called Kvarnholmen. The Fiskholmsskansen was a masonry redutt , which the Danes started to build but had not completed when Bohuslän […]

Gare do Oriente on Av. Dom João II in Lisbon – PT 🇵🇹

International Volvo Photo Locations Part 304 Gare do Oriente or alternately, the Lisbon Oriente Station is one of the main Portuguese intermodal transport hubs, and is situated in the civil parish of Parque das Nações, municipality of Lisbon. In 1994, the station was proposed as part of the modernization of the Linha do Norte, a […]

Emirates Towers Metro Station in Dubai – UAE 🇦🇪

International Volvo Photo Locations Part 292 Emirates Towers Metyro Station is a rapid transit station on the Red Line of the Dubai Metro in Dubai. Located on Sheikh Zayed Road in the centre of Dubai’s commercial business district. The station connects to the Emirates Towers hotel and Office buildings, among the tallest buildings in the […]

Al Mamzar Beach in Sharjah – UAE 🇦🇪

International Volvo Photo Locations Part 291 Al Mamzar is a peninsula near Sharjah, north of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Al Mamzar is located in the area of Deira, in the north-east of Dubai. The locality is bordered by the Persian Gulf to the north, Al Waheda to the west, Hor Al Anz to […]

Marcusplatsen with Di-edersekvensen in Göteborg 🇸🇪

Volvo Photo Locations Part 239 Di-edersekvensen is a sculpture at Diagonalen on Lindholmen in Göteborg, Sweden. Di-edersekvensen consists of 12 parts painted steel plates created in 1968-69 and placed at Lindholmen Kaj in 1994. The artist behind the art piece is Gert Olof Marcus, born November 10, 1914 in Gross Borstel in Hamburg in Germany. […]

Nääs Slott on Nääs Allé in Floda 🇸🇪

Volvo Photo Locations Part 59 Thanks to Per Richardson, who found this Volvo Photo Location! Nääs Slott is a 17th century mansion near Göteborg, Sweden. It’s situated at the lake Sävelången in Västergötland. In the later half of the 19th century Nääs became world renowned through its Crafts College and for more than 50 years […]